With the ever-increasing number of accommodation providers and the relative ease it takes to set up a website, businesses are experiencing an increase in competition from all angles. With this saturation of the market and Google adding more paid listings at the top of the page, it is getting harder to stay on the elusive first page of a key word search.




Our advice would be to publish relevant, quality content to improve your search engine ranking, identify your keyword phrases, give some thought to which words and phrases you believe your guests will be using when looking for your accommodation and think about what sets you apart from the rest, then use the phrases on a relevant page. Remember to use emphasis tags on some of your key word phrases but don’t go over board. The placement of your key words within your site are now more important than frequency. If someone keys a search of ‘Beach holiday’ to rank highly for the search engine having a beach holiday reference will help but when you get into phrases for keywords, see below, that’s when the magic happens.

short keyword: beach holiday

phrase keyword: beach wedding in summer on the Gold Coast

By having these phrase keywords listed it is more specific and focused but is it worth it? Why wouldn’t you want a guest who wants exactly what you are able to supply to find you, you then end up with a more specific discerning guest. With phrase keywords it’s easier to get your target markets attention because there’s less competition, most of your competition are still focusing on the standard short keywords used in holiday searches. Try searching “beach holiday” and you end up with so many pages, the options are endless. By using phrase keywords you are narrowing the options, meaning a lot fewer websites for you to compete with. Even more interesting is that people tend to use phrase keyword searches when they have begun to pin point exactly what they want, where they want to go and what they want to do when they get there. These clients are almost ready to make a purchase and are using specific word searches to find exactly what they want, having almost completed their research and aren’t they the people we want? This means people using your phrase keywords are more likely to purchase faster than getting people in with short keywords. Make sure the landing pages give these people exactly what they need to see, remember they have finished browsing and want to see exactly what your accommodation has to offer for the area they are wishing to book ie. A beach wedding in summer on the Gold Coast. They need to see immediately that they have found what they are looking for. Phrase keywords will bring in targeted traffic.

Search engines respond well to fresh content, regularly updating material is viewed as being a good indicator of a sites relevancy. Try to update your information regularly and photos too. Search engines like new content and the more frequently you update your blog page and website the higher your rankings. Google also rates mobile optimisation so check your site is phone friendly.

Blogs and articles are the perfect way to keep your site active and updated. Blogging is a simple matter of writing a short informative piece on something relating to your accommodation or activities or interesting events in your area. It is recommended to post a blog weekly and it only needs to be around 500 words which is around a page of content. Blogs are meant to be informal, they need to have personality, be interesting and they are not the forum for the hard sell sales pitch. Your blog can then be linked to all your social media platforms potentially having your information shared around the world. Make your blog simple to share using share icons, it makes it easy then for people to share your post which will in turn drive more traffic to your site. Once they have read that information the idea is they then roam your site to see what accommodation you are offering and what other interesting information you have on your local area.

Another idea to spread your good name is to provide testimonials on your suppliers’ websites with a link back to your site. Most supply companies have a testimonials page on their site and will jump at the chance to have a positive review written about them. It is just another small way to get your accommodation website to more people through a different avenue.

Google analytics is the perfect way to track visitors to your web site, it is free and easy to install and once set up correctly it will tell you so much information, where visitors to your website are coming from with highlighted areas on a world map, what pages they are looking at and how long they spent on each page, if they have been to your site before or if they are return visitors.  It will give you amazing insight into what is working and what needs to be updated.

You will then be armed with all the information you need to improve your web site, keep your website visitors wandering around your site and keep them coming back until they are ready to book their next holiday with you.

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