Millennials are the upcoming travel generation; they are more confident and educated than any proceeding demographic.

The Oxford dictionary-

Denoting people reaching young adulthood in the early 21st century.

‘most social networking groups are dominated by the millennial generation’

The Millennial generation are the first born into the digital world, specifically the Internet and social media. Technology is incorporated into their everyday lives; they expect everything to be done via phone or iPad and have grown up knowing technology as a platform for all their interactions. They aren’t just technology savvy; they are technology dependant.

They are not the generation to read a printed brochure or spend hours shopping around at travel agents. Millennials are more likely to take advice from traveller friends or recommendations from what they read on social media. The Millennial generation will have a huge impact on the way we communicate, advertise and interact globally. This age group is now the key to most marketing and branding avenues and will dominate accommodation bookings for years to come.

They expect to have the world at their fingertips when travelling or booking travel and it needs to be easily accessible. Millennials spend more time on devices and crave them more than people outside of this age group. When booking flights, accommodation and tours most millennials go to their phone or tablet to book. In fact, for booking business travel Egencia have found Millennials are the technology generation and will be representing 50% of all travellers by 2025. 32% of millennials use their phone and 20% use their tablets. Egencia have also found that only 21% of people not in the millennial age group use their smartphone and only 9% use their tablet.

This opens a whole other world of branding and advertising required for the accommodation provider who is not of that generation, it is time to engage a tech savvy professional or friend to bring you into the eye of the millennials. By keeping up with technology advancements now, it will be a gradual process rather than trying to catch up in the future, every step of a travel experience must be supported digitally. Websites need to be quickly accessible and easily navigated and your website must be mobile optimised otherwise this generation will never see your accommodation and you need to be highly visual across the board on Social media platforms.

Trip Advisor completed a study in December 2015 and found the most important influence of sources for the Millennials is Trip Advisor, word of mouth, content posted by travellers and family and friends, as being the most important way to judge a new and interesting place to visit. Millennials are more adventurous than any other generation and peak the highest for adventure travel, safari/wildlife tours and scuba diving. Packaging these activities as part of your accommodation may well lead to a higher number of bookings.

Millennials are also more likely to choose smaller accommodation sites and are more interested in experiencing the local cuisine at nearby smaller restaurants and eateries and wish to visit new and interesting local attractions. Make sure you have as much of this information on hand because these travellers may well be texting or emailing with what your area has to offer.

As mentioned earlier, Millennials are using on-line reviews to help make travel decisions which also means that they are making reviews when and where they travel. They will not stand for false advertising or mistreatment and it is important to remember just how easy it will be for them to share their opinion with the world. Now is the time for transparency within your advertising, if some rooms are refurbished and some aren’t it is better to advertise them as such rather than trying to deceive these guests and receiving bad reviews later. Keep advertising up to date and be sure your website has up to date photos and pricing so there is no confusion as to rates, standard of room or the surrounding areas of your accommodation.

Millennials are the cautious, wary generation, they are also more optimistic than past travellers so are more likely to arrive at their destination with an open mind and their sense of adventure ready to kick in. It is time to embrace the Millennial generation there is 80 million of them ready and waiting to experience all that life has to offer.

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